Karaoke Board


Datasheet(PDF) :

• Introduction

The Karaoke board is suitable for low cost and high

performance system development for Karaoke. Which is

supported various high quality graphic solution, movie,

audio and various interface for high performance

Karaoke System.


• Specification

1. General System Features
1) MIDI Karaoke System with DVD Video quality background (Video)
2) Normal DVD/VCD player

2. Video Features
1) NTSC/PAL Composite Video supported
2) High quality MPEG2 background Video (that is DVD Video)
3) External Video Input used for background video is supported

3. Audio Features
1) On B/D Voice source
- Using SAM9713 and can be used?SAM9703, SAM2133 etc.
2) 2Ch Stereo Audio out (2 RCAs)
- with Audio input connector for Audio mixing (ex: Audio from MIC B/D)
3) Built in Scoring circuit

4. IDE connector for DVD-ROM or HDD interface
- Supported Media Title as DVD, Audio CD, VCD etc.
- DVD MIDI CD (DVD background video + MIDI audio)
- DVD ROM based system
- Extremely long life time and maintenance free solution(Compare to Loader application)

5. 6RCAs for external device interface
1) 1 composite Video out
2) 1 external Video Input
3) 2 Coin Input (1X and 10X)
4) 2 Audio Out (mixed MIC with MIDI)

6. Customers are supported total system solution
- Including H/W design and Software porting even various utility programs for making MIDI-DVD title

7. Very Stable System operation is guaranteed
- Proven B/D design (Already on mass production)
- Built-in regulators for digital and analog

8. E(E)PROM Socket up to 8Mbit for System firmware

9. 2 Coin Input (Remote controlled by Host machine like a cash register)

10. On B/D connectors
- for Volume
- external MIC B/D
- Panel Interface (popular uPD6311 compatible Interface)

11. B/D Dimension
- 155mm(W) * 230mm(L)

12. General +5V and +/-12V Power Supply is needed