Game Board


AMAZON Main Board & Daughter board
for network


Datasheet(PDF) :



 • Out Standing Points

  • The reference kit of arcade game machine,

    which can be networking based on Ethernet

    builds basic software environment onto the

    VRender™ 0+ (Amazon).
  • It is provided as a board form for more

    convenient system development.
  • It is suitable for system development for

    arcade game, slot machine and karaoke,etc.
  • VRender0+ chip,which is integrated with

    32bit EISC CPU Core, High-end 2D graphic

    engine, Wavetable synthesizer and Sound

    engine is the most suitable one chip solution

    for 2D game. The reference kit with Vrender0+

    on miniaturizes game board, which has the

    graphic function of zoom in/out, rotation,

    Alpha Blending, Shading and Line Scrolling, etc

  • Specification

1. Processor(CPU+2D Graphic+Sound)

- 32Bit EISC CPU Core(Cache 4Kbyte), 208 LQFP Pin, Wavetable Synthesizer (32Channel, 16bit)
- High Performance 2D Graphic Based on 3D Memory
- Controller, Other Peripherals

2. Operating Frequency

- CPU : 40MHz/Graphic Core:80MHz

3. Memory

- Texture Memory : 8Mbyte
- Frame Memory : 8Mbyte
- Data Memory (Selectable)

4. Display

- RGB Monitor
- VGA Monitor
- Horizontal Freq. : 15Khz, 24Khz, 30Khz

5. Copy protection

- built in copy protection

6. LAN interface

- one Ethernet interface

7. Interface

- JAMMA, Extension Slot, External Serial Port, 3/4P Expansion Slot

8. Sound Format

- 44.1Khz, 16bit Stereo, I2S Format

9. Back-up System

- 128Kbyte SRAM, RTC

10, Graphic Effect

- Zoom In/Out, Rotation, Alpha Blending, Shading, Line-scrolling

11. AMP

- 22Watt, Stereo
- Power Supply
- DC 5V(+/-10%) and 12V(+/-10%)

12. Dimension

- 215mm*185mm(Main board only)

13. Reference Kit details

1) Hardware

- Amazon (VRender 0+) Main board
- Flash Board
- Serial Interface
- Serial Cable
- LAN Interface board (daughter board)
- Debugging Rom
- Boot Rom

2) software

- Compiler, Tool Program, Debugging/Boot Rom Source
- SDK for window. (Software Development Kit for Window)
- LAN Driver